Ethical production

Puebla York is dedicated to putting people and the planet first

Fashion continues to move in a more sustainable manner. That's why Puebla York is taking steps to make sure we're participating in a more ethical and sustainable fashion model. Each product (excluding our signature t-shirt) is made on-demand—once you place an order, we print it specifically for you. Yes, this does usually take more time, but it avoids textile waste and overproduction. 

Our printing partner has a state-of-the-art printing technology that creates almost no wastewater and uses less energy. Our signature Puebla York® t-shirt is GOTS certified organic cotton and has been printed in Virginia with a seaweed-based dye. We ship these t-shirts in compostable packaging by Better Packaging Co. Other products are shipped in either biodegradable or recyclable material. 

Note:  Below are the estimated times frames (at maximum) for production alone:

Direct-to-garment  2-7 days

Embroidery 3-8 days

Phone cases 2-5 days

Stickers 2-5 days