Do you live and love to travel?

More so, are you a traveler who plans their itinerary around what and where you'll eat?

But you lack the time or effort to plan this sort of trip.

You would rather:

- save the numerous hours it takes to plan your trip

- have someone take it off your hands

- relaxing doing what you like 

- spending quality time with loved ones.


I will curate your culinary travel for Japan and Mexico. Both countries are incredibly rich in history, culture, and cuisine. 

Japan is more than sushi and ramen. You can find amazing dining options for various budgets.

-Seasons and regions greatly influence Japanese cuisine. You can try shojin ryori or Buddhist cuisine, a plant-based vegetarian meal eaten by monks

-For omnivores, Japan’s quality of red meat is very high. Some of the best wagyu, which translates to Japanese beef, you can only eat in Japan

-As a country of several islands, the seafood is superb.

There are several spirits that are best experienced in Japan. What about exploring the nuances of sake with a tasting. Or discover why Japanese whisky has become so popular worldwide. Shochu, a distilled spirit that isn’t as well known is made from barley, sweet potato, rice and other ingredients. 


What about Mexico? Elevated Mexican cuisine has really taken off in the last several years. Shows like Chef’s Table and the episode with Chef Enrique Olvera have shown just how complex and beautiful the cuisine is. Fine dining is unreal in Mexico. Equally impressive is street food. So much more to tacos as well. 

Did you know that tacos al pastor was a version of the Lebanese shawarma introduced to Puebla, Mexico in the early 20th century? The shift to pork instead of lamb happened over the decades and especially in the 1960s with second generation Lebanese-Mexicans.

Culinary and cultural experiences may differ a title from each state and city, but much is to be discovered and explored. From the desert of Sonara to beaches of the Pacific coast or the rainforests in Chiapas and southern Yucatán. Mexico’s climate is diverse and the culture rich.

Ideas for culinary experiences in Mexico:

-take a cooking class to make mole or make tortillas from scratch

- visit multiple mezcalerias to taste the varieties of mezcal

- Take a food tour find your favorite street food. 


Below are package options to give you an idea of how I can curate a trip for you. Each trip is customized to you and your culinary interests. 


Just a morsel

-4-5  nights 

-Ideal for those planning an extended weekend full of food and fun

-Explore local cuisine and culinary experiences solo or with your favorite friend, your partner, or family member

starts at  $150


Savor further

-7-8 nights

-Ideal for those aiming to expand their culinary understanding of Japan or Mexico 

-Discover deeper aspects of food and beverage

starts at $250 


Immerse fully

-10 nights or more 

-Ideal for those seeking more immersive experiences in the culinary world of Japan or Mexico  

-Understanding culture through food and beverage

starts at $500

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