Aloha, my name is Sequoia. I grew up on Maui, lived in numerous cities, four countries and have traveled to almost 30. 

The inspiration for Puebla York started years before it was founded. I befriended two Mexican soccer players while in college in Upstate New York. They welcomed me into their group of friends and gave me a sense of belonging when I was thousands of miles from home. 

Years later, while living in New York City, I visited Mexico for the first time with friends and fell completely in love. The sense of humor, warm personalities, and love for food. The unfamiliar felt familiar. The culture felt so welcoming to me that I uprooted my life in New York City and moved to Tulum for two months where I didn't know a soul.  

I was forever changed by this experience and I longed to bring a piece of culture back to the Big Apple. Many of my Mexican colleagues were from the city of Puebla, Mexico. One day I joked that New York should be called "Puebla York" and they thought it was clever. The name stuck with me. After two years of being on my mind I officially launched Puebla York in the summer of 2019. 


In addition to clothing, I will curate a culinary trip to Japan and Mexico for you. 

My childhood summers were spent visiting my grandparents in Japan and I lived there for a couple years after college. My Japanese roots and love for both Japan and Mexico, is why I chose these two countries to focus on. 

I am excited to bring you inspiration, value, and connection. Travel has been such an integral part of who I am and what I know. Combined with my passion for food, I truly feel that I can bring much knowledge and insight into curating memorable trips.

Learn more about how I can save you time, energy, and effort on your next culinary trip by going to our curating culinary travel page.